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About Kim Rowland

Hi! I'm Kim Rowland, and I've been a full-fledged Tennessee real estate broker since 2000, but I'm also a paralegal by degree. During the real estate "bubble burst," along with real estate, I worked in the legal realm as a paralegal. That educational and work experience is a distinct advantage for my clients.  To say I pay close attention to contract details might be an understatement!

Middle Tennessee has a busy and growing real estate market - one like I've never before seen in all my years as a REALTOR!  We are so fortunate to be living and working in this great area of the big, wide world!  But that same busy market can be a disadvantage, if you do not have a REALTOR who is well-versed in contract details, negotiations, and a determination to see clients through to the end of those details!

What all this is saying to you is, "RELAX, and let me take care of your real estate business!"  As my clients, I will do my best to ensure you understand this process (no question is a dumb question!), and that you are given all the information needed, so you can make a wise and informed real estate investment - whether that is a first home, your dream home or an investment property!  

Give me a call or text today, and let my years of education and experience do a great job for YOU, the client!  615.788.2777